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The Polish Chamber of Commerce of Furniture Manufacturers, OIGPM, protects the interests of its members and of the entire furniture sector. The Chamber represents more tan 100 enterprises from the furniture and related sector in discussions with government and non-government organizations. The main activities of the chamber are focused on promotion and representing Polish furniture sector on national and international level. Because of this, the main goals of the chamber are achieved by:

-The promotion of Polish entities of the furniture trade being the members of OIGPM as well as their products at national and international level with the help of Trademark "POLISH FURNITURE - PROVEN QUALITY ” as well as integration of the members of the Chamber round Trademark.

-The organizational-law service, consulting and informational in the frame of both the economic activity and management.

-Promotion and Dissemination activities (specially in OIGPM Bulletin and in Rzeczpospolita).

-Advertising activities (for example during International furniture fairs in Poznań Meble.Polska).

-Activities connected with the organization of the fair trades and exhibitions.

-Research and Innovation services related to the furniture market and the public opinion.

-Delivering on the resolution of the authorities or the other entities opinions and information about existing trade habits, prices, the origin of goods and the other opinions and information concerning the economic trade and companies.

-Representing the furniture sector in front of the national authorities in the aim of protecting their economic and business interests.

-Creating, with using of the existing regulations, courts of conciliation to settle the disputes based on the economic background.

-Technical, economic and law services, what includes analysis and consultancy services.

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