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Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent specialized university in the Czech Republic. It was established by Act No. 460 as of 24 July 1919 and maintained its name until 1994. Mendel university in Brno consists from five faculties: Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty Horticulture in Lednice, Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, Institute of Lifelong Learning, University agriculture enterprise and University forest enterprise to be situated in Brno.In 2011, the establishment of an independent university institute CEITEC MENDELU within the Faculty of Agronomy incorporated the University into an international scientific centre of excellence, the Central European Institute of Technology. At the end of 2012, the University received the prestigious certificates ETCS Label and Diploma Supplement Label from the European Commission, which serves as a confirmation that its study programmes and the examination system are in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

Section of the University involved in the project at most will be Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology and its Department of Furniture, Design and habitation. Research experiences are proved in solving the education projects In this way entire fields of study Furniture, Production of furniture, Design of furniture, Furniture Engineering are developed in Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology The quality level of teachers and research workers employed in the department guarantee high level in the implantation of new knowledge a d in furniture production. 

We solved in the position the applicant coordinator the successful project in the program Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation the project Virtual Educational Programme for Furniture Branch. One of the important results from the project is the portal This project with its outputs and results was nominated on the appreciation by the certification of quality. We have been dealing with the researching the project t Innovative Qualifications Framework for Development of ECVET in the project Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation in the position Core partner.

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